Water Drop Text Effect

Hey, are you hungry for new Photoshop effects? I have a new one special for you. Here I’ll show you how to design water drop text effect.

Water Drop Text Effect

Firstly we’re going to make a nice background. Start by creating a new document in Photoshop, sized 1000×500 pixels, all the default settings, white background.

Water Drop Text Effect 01

After making your new document, you need to find some appropriate picture to put on the background. I would like to use this one picture. Also you can put your own picture or find more pictures on Google Images.

Water Drop Text Effect 02

Now we are starting straight to create a text effect. First of all we need to type some text, where the effect will be shown. Choose the Horizontal Type Tool and type text with any colour. Colour is not important in this case. It’s desirable to use bold style of text for this effect. For this tutorial I used Arial Black font.

Water Drop Text Effect 03

Further when we have already had an inscription we can start to create an effect on it. But in the beginning we need to choose the appropriate pattern we will use further in our text effect. Using Google Images you may find appropriate pattern or may use mine. Open it and save as pattern by going to Edit > Define Pattern. Go back to our main document and set fill opacity to 0% up, after that apply the following Blending Options to the text layer:
• Drop Shadow
• Inner Shadow
• Outer Glow
• Inner Glow
• Bevel and Emboss
• Contour
• Satin
• Pattern Overlay
• Stroke

Water Drop Text Effect 04

Water Drop Text Effect 05

Water Drop Text Effect 06

Water Drop Text Effect 07

Water Drop Text Effect 08

Water Drop Text Effect 09

Water Drop Text Effect 10

Water Drop Text Effect 11

Water Drop Text Effect 12

After all we get this one screenshot:
Water Drop Text Effect 13

But this is not the final variant. Select text layer using Select > Load Selection, then apply Select > Modify > Expand to increase selection about 7 pixels. Create a new layer and fill the selected area with black colour. After that apply Filter > Noise > Add Noise with similar settings to these:

Water Drop Text Effect 14

You should get the same result as mine:

Water Drop Text Effect 15

Now, deselect chosen area with Ctrl+D and change layer mode to Screen.

Water Drop Text Effect 16

Then apply the following Blending Options to this layer:
• Bevel and Emboss

Water Drop Text Effect 17

We should get the next one effect:
Water Drop Text Effect 18

That’s all! We have easy created nice fresh text effect, which you can use further in web-design and advertisement, polygraph and so on. I hope that this easy lesson was useful for you.
Water Drop Text Effect 19


6 thoughts on “Water Drop Text Effect

  1. jelyn says:

    how can i do this?

  2. Rockerka says:

    wau! Thanks! I can do this!

  3. karen says:

    Thanks! This is just what I was looking for. I got stuck in though, (absolute beginner sorry) I copied your pattern & saved it into my pattern library, however when I selected it I couldn’t get it to be transparent enough to see my back ground show through like yours. I notice in your dialogue box it showed a checker board at that stage, where mine showed the pattern? would this have anything to do with it?? Any feedback would be appreciated. :)

  4. roach says:

    where you download that font??????…

  5. tsukuyomi says:

    did you go on with the tutorial ?? o_O

  6. Janu says:

    Wow Cooool..! i tried this.. really awsome :)

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