Gauzy Text Effect

Gauzy Text Effect

One more interesting tutorial about how to create gauzy text effect in Photoshop.

Now, firstly, you’ll have to create a new document in which you can make this text. For this tutorial I’m going to be using a size of 1000×500 pixels with the default resolution (DPI) of 72 and white background.

Gauzy Text Effect Image 01

After creating your document, add in a suitable background using Gradient Overlay layer style:

Gauzy Text Effect Image 02

Now we have something like this:

Gauzy Text Effect Image 03

After that I would like to bring some picture to background to make the text effect more evident. Actually, you can use different pictures, but I prefer to use this one picture of robot Marvin. Bring it to the canvas and then reduce it a little bit as shown on a picture below:

Gauzy Text Effect Image 04

I ended up with this for my background. If you want to download the picture of robot used above, please feel free: Robot.png
Use the Outer Glow layer style to make the picture more contrast.

Gauzy Text Effect Image 05

Gauzy Text Effect Image 06

Alright, time to write out your text. I’ll just be using the font called Helios Black (270 pt, Crisp) for this tutorial, which is commercial. If you don’t have it, just try different font. Write out something like ‘gauzy’ in the middle of canvas using Horizontal Type Tool.

Gauzy Text Effect Image 07

Now set fill opacity to 0% up, after that apply Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, Bevel and Emboss, Contour, Satin, and Stroke layer styles to this text layer:

Gauzy Text Effect Image 08

Gauzy Text Effect Image 09

Gauzy Text Effect Image 10

Gauzy Text Effect Image 11

Gauzy Text Effect Image 12

Gauzy Text Effect Image 13

Gauzy Text Effect Image 14

Gauzy Text Effect Image 15

Also I would like to add some pattern to our gauzy text style. For this effect create a new document with size of 5×5 pixels and draw cross lines by using Pencil Tool as on picture below:

Gauzy Text Effect Image 16

Then go to Edit > Define Pattern and save it as pattern. After that go back to our main document and apply the Pattern Overlay layer style to get the next picture:

Gauzy Text Effect Image 17

Gauzy Text Effect Image 18

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope it was really very interesting for you!

Gauzy Text Effect Image 19


7 thoughts on “Gauzy Text Effect

  1. tecuong says:

    very nice

  2. Haku340 says:

    Great tutorial, I tried it but the Bevel & Emboss doesn’t look right, any advice?
    And that robot is called Marvin, from Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Movie

  3. naveensajjanam says:

    very very nice

  4. missydi says:

    Make sure you change the text to Fill Opacity 0%

    Great tutorial

  5. guru.k says:

    make sure it is correct…,

  6. Iris says:

    Amazing! And I also like the fact you have used a photo of Marvin, I’m a huge fan of him haha. Love the result xoxo

  7. Dilpreet Singh says:

    Great Tutorial
    Good Job ! ! ! !

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