Cool Dots Text Effect

This Photoshop tutorial explains how to design a three-dimensional text, which consists of dots and a blurred extension.

Final Image Preview

Cool Dots Text Effect


Step 1

Create a new document, 1600px for the width and 1000px for the height. Set the Foreground color to #8a5a01, and the Background color to #ba9145, then drag a Linear Gradient from left to right. You can choose your own colors as well, or add an adjustment layer to change the colors as shown in the end of this tutorial.

Cool Dots Text Effect 1

Open the Brush panel (Window -> Brush), and modify the Brush Tip Shape settings as shown below:

Cool Dots Text Effect 6

Create the text using the font BorisBlackBloxx, and the Size of 400 pt.

Cool Dots Text Effect 2

Use the Pen Tool, and make sure to click the Paths icon in the Options bar, to draw a curve in the middle of the first letter. Add the main anchor points, you can modify them later.

Cool Dots Text Effect 3

If you think that the curve needs more anchor (control) points, you can always add ones using the Add Anchor Point Tool.

Cool Dots Text Effect 4

Then, you can use the Direct Selection Tool to click and drag the curve’s anchor points or the direction lines.

Cool Dots Text Effect 5

Step 2

Create a new layer on top of of all layers, and with the Pen Tool still active, right click on the path and choose Stroke Path.

Cool Dots Text Effect 7

Choose Brush from the Tool drop down menu and make sure that the Simulate Pressure box is un-checked.

Cool Dots Text Effect 8

This will stroke the path with the modified brush. Hit Enter to get rid of the path.

Cool Dots Text Effect 9

Create a new path near the inner edge of the letter, and stroke the path on a new layer.

Cool Dots Text Effect 10

Do the same for the outer edge as well. You will end up having three layers, one for each stroke.

Cool Dots Text Effect 11

Repeat the same process for the remaining letters. You can use custom shapes instead of drawing the curves when possible (like using the Ellipse Tool, with the Paths icon in the Options bar clicked, for the O letter).

Cool Dots Text Effect 12

Remeber to stroke the path on a separate layer each time.

Cool Dots Text Effect 13

You can duplicate any layers for the same letters.

Cool Dots Text Effect 14

Once you’re done, each letter will have 3 layers covering it with dots.

Cool Dots Text Effect 15

Step 3

Make the original text layer invisible (by clicking the eye icon next to it), because we don’t need it.

Cool Dots Text Effect 16

Select all the Dots layers, then go to Layer -> Merge Layers (Ctrl + E) to merge them in one layer, and call it “Merged Dots”.

Cool Dots Text Effect 17

Use the Erase Tool to get rid of any dots that are not aligned with the others.

Cool Dots Text Effect 18

Make sure that the “Merged Dots” layer is active (selected), then go to Select -> Load Selection. Choose the “Merged Dots Transperancy” Channel. This will select the layer’s contents (the dots).

Cool Dots Text Effect 19

Pick the Gradient Tool, and choose the Spectrum Gradient. Create a new layer on top of all layers and call it “Gradient”, then fill the selection with the gradient.

Cool Dots Text Effect 20

Make the “Merged Dots” Layer invisible.

Cool Dots Text Effect 21

Step 4

Go to Edit -> Transform -> Perspective, and move the corners as shown below. You can transform the text as you like for now, and you can do that again anytime you think the text needs more perspective later on. Once you’re done hit Enter.

Cool Dots Text Effect 22

Pick the Lasso Tool, and create a selection around the first letter, then press Ctrl + J to duplicate it in a separate layer. Rename that layer to the letter it contains.

Cool Dots Text Effect 23

Repeat the same for the other letters. Once you have a layer for each letter, make the “Gradient” layer invisible.

Cool Dots Text Effect 24

Step 5

Duplicate the first letter’s layer.

Cool Dots Text Effect 25

Go to Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur, and set the values as shown below:

Cool Dots Text Effect 26

Make four duplicates of the copy layer.

Cool Dots Text Effect 27

Merge the “copy” layers, and move them below the original letter’s layer.

Cool Dots Text Effect 28

Go to Edit -> Trasform -> Perspective, and transform the merged “copy” layer to make the blurred part look like an extension of the original letter.

Cool Dots Text Effect 29

Erase the blurred parts to the left.

Cool Dots Text Effect 30

This is what you should get. You can make the other letters layers invisible if you like.

Cool Dots Text Effect 31

Pick the Blur Tool, and change the Options bar settings as shown below, then blur the lateral part of the extension.

Cool Dots Text Effect 32

Use a soft brush with an Opacity value of 30% to slightly erase the end of the extension, so that it looks feathered out.

Cool Dots Text Effect 33

Repeat the same steps for each letter.

Cool Dots Text Effect 34

Step 6

Merge the original letters layers in one layer and rename it to whatever text you have.

Cool Dots Text Effect 35

Duplicate each one of the extension layers to make them more vivid.

Cool Dots Text Effect 36

Duplicate the merged letters’ layer (cool), and drag the copy layer below the original one.

Cool Dots Text Effect 37

Go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur, and enter 2.5 for the Raduis.

Cool Dots Text Effect 38

Step 7

Create a new layer right on top of the Background layer and call it “Shadow”. Set the Foreground color to #634016, and use a soft round brush (500 px) to paint a shadow below the text.

Cool Dots Text Effect 39

Go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur and enter 20 for the Raduis.

Cool Dots Text Effect 40

Change the “Shadow” layer’s Blend Mode to Multiply and its Opacity to 70%.

Cool Dots Text Effect 41

If you want you can select all the visible layers (except for the Background), then go to Edit -> Transform -> Perspective, and rotate the text even more.

Cool Dots Text Effect 42

Step 8

If you’d like to change the Background colors to add more contrast, then select the Background layer, and click the Create new fill or adjustment layer down the Layers panel, then choose “Hue/Saturation”.

Cool Dots Text Effect 43

Change the Values as shown below:

Cool Dots Text Effect 44

Once again, click the Create new fill or adjustment layer, but choose “Levels” this time. Change the values as shown below:

Cool Dots Text Effect 45

Finally, select the “Shadow” layer once again, then go to Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation, and change the Saturation value to to -100 (to match the new Background colors).

Cool Dots Text Effect 46

Final Image

Cool Dots Text Effect

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