Cheesy Text Effect

I’ll be showing you how to make some stylish, cheesy text with this simple tutorial. This stuff works great with print advertisements etc.

Cheesy Text Tutorial Result


First of all create a new document, any size will do. Now add in a blue gradient to the background, the colors I used for the gradient were #2e78ac, and #1b4268.

Blue Gradient Background

Gradient tool:

Gradient Tool

Gradient settings:

Gradient Settings


Add in some nice details for the background, such as some cartoon-style cheese.
I made my cheese using the pen tool, based on a image of cartoon cheese I found on Google Images.

Cheese in Background

Looks pretty nice, doesn’t it? :)
If you want my cheese, you can download the PSD file at the end of the tutorial and check it out.


Now, let’s finally start the text! 😉
First get the Horizontal Type Tool, and write out your text. Use the color #ffb02c or similar.

Typed Text

The font I used above is called Forte, the font is what makes the text “Cheesy.”

You can download the font from here. Now go into the Blending Options and apply the following options/settings:

  1. Drop Shadow
  2. Inner Shadow
  3. Bevel and Emboss
  4. Gradient Overlay

Your text should now look like this:

After Applying Layer Styles

Pretty cheesy, huh? 😉


Now for some nice post-effects. First start by creating a new layer, then “Apply the Image,” (Image > Apply Image…) this will have made everything visible on the single layer.

Apply Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen then fade it to ab out 40% (Edit > Fade Sharpen)

Applied Sharpen Filter

Now apply Filter > Noise > Add Noise with an amount of about 1.5-2.5.
Lastly, apply Filter > Render > Lighting Effects, with a nice spotlight.

Cheesy Text Tutorial Result

It would probably be a good idea to add something like dripping/melted cheese off of the bottom of the text, but yeah, that’s just an idea.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.


6 thoughts on “Cheesy Text Effect

  1. Lewis says:

    Aye, thats cheesy.

  2. scott says:

    Thanks for this and the other tutorials. It’s damned hard to find a site with interesting step by step tutorials that isn’t littered down with advertising.

    The site is a great resource, particularly for a code monkey that can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.

  3. Hanah says:

    Hi, uhmm I downloaded the “forte” text and im having trouble putting it on to photoshop, if you could show me or something that would be great:)
    Thanks, Hanah.

  4. Sonia says:

    how do you upload a downloaded font into photoshop?
    If you could tell me it would be great

  5. Ajay says:

    Say Cheseeee…

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