How to create Caramel Text Effect on Photoshop

I am going to share with you how to make a caramel text effect by using some layer styles. First, find some suitable background to demonstrate our text effect on it.

Final Image Preview

Step 1

Create a new document with size of 1000 x 500 pixels with default settings (RGB, 72 dpi, white background).

Step 2

I am going to use a image to create caramel effect. I found one good image at stock.xchange for this tutorial. Open it and go to Image > Image Size and change width to 1000 px. After that copy it to our document as new layer (i named this layer “Caramel effect”).

Step 3

Create a new layer called “Text” and select the Horizontal Type Tool (T) with these settings: Arial, Black, 230 px, Smooth. Write your text on the middle of canvas, for example “Photoshop” in whatever color you want.

Step 4

We are now going to create caramel text effect. First set up Fill to 0% for this text layer.

Step 5

Go to Layer > Layer Style and apply the following layer styles to the text layer:

After applying all these Blending Options we should get something like my image below:

Step 6

Now I would like to increase contrast on the text. For this duplicate text layer (Ctrl+J) and then create new layer named “Filter”. Merge both layers (new text layer and “Filter” layer) to get all text effects in one layer.
After that apply Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur with next presets:

Step 7

Change layer mode to Soft Light and Opacity to 50%.

Final Image

This tutorial is now complete. Hope you liked it!


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