Summer Photo Manipulation

In this quick Photoshop tutorial I’ll teach you how to make a nice, warm, summer photo manipulation for a photo. This tutorial best works for fairly colorful, fairly bright photos. In this tutorial I will be using this stock photo of the lovely Evangeline Lilly.

Evangeline Lilly Photoshop Tutorial


Firstly, you should find a nice stock photo to work with. As I mentioned above, I used a nice photo of Evangeline Lilly, if you want you can download it and get to work. Start by flipping the image so it’s around the right way, then crop and resize if necessary. I ended up with a document size of 360 x 450 pixels.

re-sized and flipped


Duplicate the Background layer then apply Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen once, then fade it to about 50% (Edit > Fade). This will bring out the details a little bit.
applied filter sharpen

Next, using the Blur Tool, blur the edges (her hair) a little bit, if it’s too strong you can change the strength of the Blur Tool. This just focuses on her face a little bit more.

blurred hair


Again, apply Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen and fade it to about 15-30%, remember, this stuff is optional. Next thing to do is get the Gradient Tool and set the following settings:

gradient options

The colors I’m using are #b66d39 and #42352f. On a new layer, draw your gradien on the canvas, starting with the lighter color in the bottom left and the darker color at the top right.

radial gradient

Change the layer mode for your gradient layer to Screen and lower the opacity to about 95%.

layer mode options

You will be left with a nice, warm result like this:

gradient on screen mode



Now to add a few color adjustments. Start by making a Brightness/Contrast layer by going to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast… with similar settings to these:

brightness contrast settings

This just brightened it up a little bit.
after brightness contrast

Lastly, I added a Photo Filter (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Photo Filter…,) these are only available in Photoshop CS2 and up.

photo filter settings

This just added in a little bit more yellow, I’m not sure if I’m too fond of it actually.

after the photo filter


Lastly, I added a border around the photo, and a few plain white shapes to the right side of the photo. These shapes come with Photoshop, you can find them by getting the Custom Shape Tool and selecting All when in the shapes category.

Warm Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorial Evangeline Lilly

That’s all for this tutorial! Sorry, but I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!


24 thoughts on “Summer Photo Manipulation

  1. mic says:

    Isn’t that evangeline lilly?

  2. hani says:

    how to blur the background of picture

  3. Eli says:

    Mic: Yes that is Evangeline Lilly :)
    Hani: Use the blur tool, or duplicate the layer, then apply Filter > Blur > Gaussion Blur, then use a soft eraser to erase her face in the blurred layer.

    Hope that helps

  4. kosai says:

    thank you very mach
    I no write english letter, but I like you website
    because i went photo, text and design affect.

  5. better says:

    And what exactly are the white shapes supposed to be??
    And btw . instead of earsing it with a soft eraser I suggest you mask the picture, then you can much more easily undo things…

  6. Eli says:

    better: the shapes are just ornamental, i think it makes it look a bit nicer 😉
    also, not everyone knows what a layer mask is, i said use the eraser tool because more people will know about it than layer masks


  7. Stretch says:

    KATE i love her

  8. Xmb3 says:

    hey eli nice tut man

    i love the color and the blur effect

  9. Chelle says:

    Hey! I had to follow a tutorial for a computer science class I’m taking. Now, I’ve never touched photoshop, but your tutorial made everything so easy for me. Thanks for making it clear with all the step-by-step instructions, and thanks for the A!

  10. thani says:

    nice tutorial…. nice effect

  11. gladys says:

    great tutorial. too bad i only have ps 7.

  12. Kat says:

    Finally I Know How To Do Like This!!
    Thanks Alot:D

  13. demi says:

    i like this photo shop thingy but how the bloody hell dya get it ..x

  14. Andreea says:

    I can’t find photo filter…..:((

  15. Dian says:

    i think i like this tutorial anda because of this i can learn much about photos manipulations

  16. newbie says:

    Really professional look and easy to create.
    Nice work!

  17. estetik says:

    She is beautiful. Very nice.

  18. malta says:

    great tutorial. too bad i only have ps 7.

  19. Silent Noise says:

    Oh ^_^ … nice

  20. Adriano CorteReal says:

    Isnt that the woman from LOST? Her Characters Name Is Kate….

    I Love The Show

  21. kavitha says:

    hai i am kavi, your lesson is very simple and easy.

  22. adalita says:

    Hi, I cant get the fade to work in step 2. it won’t allow me to fade (it is greyed out)
    any suggestions?

    1. senkler says:

      replay all steps

  23. senkler says:

    easy & helpful

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