Tattered Ancient Banner Effect

Well, in this Photoshop tutorial I’m going to be teaching you how to make a ‘tattered banner effect’ like the one shown in the above image, you like the look of it? Well then, let’s get started! :)

Simple, Sleek & Stylish Text Effect

In this short and simple tutorial I’m going to teach you how to make a very stylish, sleek text effect, like the example I’ve shown in the below image.

Simple, Sleek & Stylish Text Effect Result Image

Smooth, Simple Glossy Navigation Bar

In this very easy Photoshop tutorial we’ll be learning how to design a nice, sleek navigation bar that you can use on your website design. This is a beginner tutorial, so if you’re an intermediate or professional Photoshop user, I’m not sure you’ll be learning from this ;)

Creative “Pixel Stretch” Navigation Set

1. Create a new document.

First of all create a new document, use any regular banner size (I’ve used 530×140)

Adding a Blurry Glass Effect

Blurry Glass Effect Result Image

Firstly, you’ll be needing a stock photo. Below I’ve written down some good sources for free stock photos.

  1. stock.xchange
  2. Yotophoto
  3. DeviantART

After you’ve chosen a nice stock photo, we can move on with this tutorial. You can download the stock photo that I used from here: Water Droplets Stock.

Design a Clan Website Template

I will put a tutorial here again one day, but for now, please use these tutorials from PhotoshopStar:

Design a Clan Website Template

Design a Clan Template (Part 1)

Design a Clan Template (Part 2)

Design a Clan Template (Part 3)

Thanks very much for visiting PhotoshopStar! Your source for free Photoshop tutorials.

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