Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo


Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo

I tried to experiment with photo and mix it with black lines to simulate drawing. Would you know how to make it? Ok, then read this tutorial.

Let’s start by finding the picture of beautiful girl with hairdressing. I went to Google Images and looked up the picture, you can feel free to download my picture from here. Open up the picture and desaturate it in the beginning with Image > Adjustments > Desaturate or press Ctrl+Shift+U.

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo 01

After that increase the contrast with Image > Adjustments > Levels:

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo 02

See the difference now?

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo 03

Move to the next step. Create a new layer and fill it with white color. After that change layer opacity for this layer to 30%. Then select the Eraser Tool and a soft round brush to make a little clear work on the face area.

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo 04

Merge two of these layers in one and start to make drawing effect. Get out the Pen Tool (you need to make sure that you’re working with Paths instead of Shape Layers). Draw out your line using paths:

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo 05

After that select the Brush Tool and set up with the following settings and set foreground color as black:

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo 06

Create new layer and then right-click and select Stroke Path.

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo 07

A little dialog box will appear as in the screenshot. Choose Brush and make sure there is a tick next to Simulate Pressure. This is important as it will give your curve tapered ends which will make it rock!

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo 08

The picture use to look as mine:

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo 09

Now the line is hardly noticeable, but don’t worry about. Next right click again and select Delete Path. Try to make more lines in the same way to outline the body and hair contours.

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo 10

Now, move to the background layer with woman’s photo and select the Brush Tool (use soft brush about 100 px and set brush opacity to 30% up). Sketched the silhouette with white color a little bit.

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo 11

After that use the Sharpen Tool to make the contours more distinct.

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo 12

I finished off with this tutorial by merging all of my layers together. Please feel free to experiment, get creative, use your own settings. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo 13


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    Very nice , but i have 1 question ..

    How you make that Stroke Path that good, because when i do it , its same on every place ..

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    i tried to follow the instructions step by step but still cannot get to follow other commands such as merging 2 layers do you do it?pls help because i cant wait to finish the photo of my grand using Adobe PS CS3..thank you very much!

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    Nice one…
    @nenita Select the desired layers (use Ctrl+click for multiple selection), then right click and select Merge layers.

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    I have gotten up to the point where we are required to right click and select stroke path. That option doesn’t come up when I right click. I’m using photoshop 7

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    really nice tutorial , but the Simulate Pressure does not give the effect the line is this same everywhere- that someone now why?
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