Designing a Cartoon Cloud Splash-Image


You can see what we’ll be designing in this tutorial below, I call it a ‘cartoony cloud splash’, because I think it could be used effectively as a website splash page. This tutorial is really really easy, in case you’re new to Photoshop!

Cartoony Cloud Splash Design Result

1. Create a New Document

First thing to do is start by making a new document in which you can make your clouds. For this tutorial I used a document size of around 400 x 400 pixels, with a Resolution of 72 (default)
Using the Gradient Tool, draw a nice, blue gradient on the background, it’s meant to resemble the sky! Colors used here: #6dbede to #2f82c0 and now you have a nice soft background.

Blue Sky Gradient Background

2. Creating the Cloud Shape

Firstly create a new layer, now find and get out the Elliptical Marquee Tool, using similar settings to the ones below.

Now make a bunch of random circles, attempting to make a cartoon-shaped cloud.

Cloud Elliptical Selections

Complete the cloud shape by filling up the selection in the middle of the cloud.

Cloud Elliptical Selections Finished

Make sure you’re on the new layer you created, then fill the layer with white – #ffffff.

Cloud Selection Layered filled White

Nice cloud shape, huh?!

3. Adding Effects to the Cloud

The cloud looked quite nice already, but to give it some more detail, you might want to apply the following layer styles to your cloud layer:

  1. Inner Shadow
  2. Outer Glow
  3. Inner Glow
  4. Gradient Overlay
  5. Stroke

Depending on what size you made your cloud, you may have to modify the layer styles just a little bit, feel free to do so. Your cloud should now look like this:

After Applying Layer Styles

Looks pretty nice, in my opinion! And now add some text if you want, you can use it for a navigation system at the start of your website (splash page)

Cartoony Cloud Splash Design Result


Thank you for reading the tutorial, everyone, I hope you enjoyed it!


  • Sheepo Designs

    Wow, I’ve been looking for a tutorials on a cartoony style of PSing for a while now, you saved me a lot of trial and error!

  • Mexm

    This one is soo nice, it looks very cool, thanks 😉

  • pratibhak

    it was good to start with

  • Ekke

    Nice tut.. but the text-color is a little unreadable 😛

  • Kevin

    Nice, very nice. Would be cool as wallpaper or even as graphics for a game. It looks so friendly, plus you can easly make more clouds on the same layer without setting those effects again 😀

  • Cloud No9

    Brilliant! I think I am going to use this technique. I have been quite puzzled about my logo-perhaps this may be a good idea!!!


    Cloud No9

  • web designer india

    Good tutorial for beginners. keep going.

  • sndr

    so simple so cute

  • Andy

    Awesome tutorial this is, styles are brilliant!

  • zookini

    This was a wonderful tutorial!! Thanks

  • indah

    not bad………………….
    i like that

  • dora

    so goog, so cool………….
    im confuse????????????
    how to practice it in photoshop?

  • admin

    Dora: I’m sorry but I don’t completely understand you..
    Keep practising photoshop and then you’ll be much better :)

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

  • dora

    i have practice it………
    i can :)

  • empty

    as always, good tutorial :)

  • hiba

    i swear its awesssooomeee

  • Dearon

    Really nice tutorial, giving it a 10 out of 10.
    I’m using the effect for the new layout of my website (which is already up), and i’ll definitaly put a link to this tutorial just because of the sheer awesomeness =P
    Anyway thanks for making my day =)


    COOOL !!

  • Suki

    well… something went wrong and it was only the bockground who got the layerstyles, not the cloudes :S
    I duplicated the layer…. what happend? :(

  • Kathryn

    That’s really cute I like it. :)

  • Timski

    Hey Mate, Excellent little tut and I used to make mine a little diff. Just letting you know on step 2 for beginners let them know they need to hold shift to make multiple selections.

  • Kaleen

    awesome tutorial!
    loved it and use it all the time now

  • seri

    ı use your tutorial in my web site.
    my splash is more beautiful than yours.
    you can sea it from


  • sssssssss


  • kannan, mdu

    very super… yaaaaaaaaa !!!!

  • Paul

    WOW!! Amazing… :)

  • chuliy

    nice cloud….very like it…. n thanx for the tutorial :)

  • Nizam

    Very very nice, thank you very much

  • Chidara


  • Bilgin

    Thanks bro. Great tutorial.

  • cesc

    thanks for tutorial!! great job!

  • AhmadArifulAmri

    Cool..!! simple and easy to follow.. thank you very much.. i did it

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