Make Quick & Easy Colour Palettes

Make Quick & Easy Colour Palettes

This short Photoshop tutorial will show you an easy and effective way of making colour palettes.

1. Document Creation

Let’s start by making a new document in Photoshop. You can use whatever size you want, something fairly small though, preferably. I used a document size of 210 x 360 pixels.

Leave your background color as white (#ffffff).

2. Base Squares

In your new document make a bunch of random-colored squares. For this you can use the rectangular marquee tool. Make a selection, color it, move the selection and color it again. Try to use as many different colors here as possible.

Coloured Squares Filled in

I made each of my squares 40 x 40 pixels in size.

3. Colorize

In your layers window, add a solid color layer by clicking the create new fill or adjustment layer button, then choosing solid color from the drop down menu.

create a solid color layer

After you’ve done this, choose any old color for the Solid Color adjustment layer.

4. Settings

Lower the opacity for the color layer to 80%, then change the layer mode to Color.

layer mode and opacity

Since I used a pinkish color I’m left with this palette:

Solid Color Layer Settings Updated

Now you have a very cool colour palette that you can use in your design that will work well together. Save your images as .gif images and open them up any time you need a nice colour palette.

Make Quick & Easy Colour Palettes

Credit to Mash11 from deviantART.


18 thoughts on “Make Quick & Easy Colour Palettes

  1. Christian says:

    Very useful.

    I can recommend , it is more handy.

  2. Jahangir agha says:

    Excellent tutorial,

    For colors combinations I use

    It is really very useful.

  3. Pedram says:

    Uhm.. wow? I’ve been wondering about this for ever…

  4. pbnj says:

    very nifty tip, thanks for sharing! =)

  5. April says:

    Awesome. I’ve used colorschemer and colorblender, but the color schemes from them are either bland (all shades of one color) or painful to look at (way too contrasting). This is perfect.

  6. Kendra says:

    Awesome! What a genius tip. I’ve been trying to figure this out for ages.

  7. Brittany says:

    Awesome!!! Definitely using this idea… I haven’t been able to figure out a great way to make color palettes… : )

  8. Ashuper says:

    This was very,very,very useful! Thank you so much!

  9. Claret says:

    This is very helpful for a newbie like me in choosing color that match.
    Thanks for the tut.

  10. SVargo says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier just to go from black to light gray? Using Hue to colorize it. Then it won’t be similar colors like yours…

  11. Grace C. says:

    That’s a pretty nifty little trick! Thank you.

  12. tamez11 says:


  13. laurie says:

    simple and very cool ! Thanks !

  14. nenita says:

    very useful indeed…and i will practice more photoshop tutorials..thanks!

  15. Narcis says:

    I have a problem: every time I try to fil the palettes, the program automatically fills them with gray, regardless of the colour I choose. What should I do?

  16. shoeb says:

    i have had problems finding right colors all this time. m sure this technique of yours will fix my problem

  17. Sassy says:

    Very simple and useful! Thanks!

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