Grunge-Style PhotoshopStar Wallpapers


Hi all, just a little treat for ya. If you’re interested in grunge-style wallpapers and my little blog at all, you may be interested in these grunge-themed PhotoshopStar wallpapers! :)

I needed a fresh wallpaper so I whipped this up, and since it looked pretty nice I thought I’d share.

PhotoshopStar Grunge Wallpapers


I would have included the PSD file for the wallpaper so you could have a poke around, but it ended up being 35mb zipped, so I couldn’t exactly upload that with ease!

You might notice some nice splatters in the background, for these I used a brush set by Bittbox. I also used a bunch of random textures that you should be able to find on websites such as CG Textures.


  • Photoshop Effects Tutorials

    That’s a pretty good wallpaper. Grunge is starting to be used more and more everyday.

  • Tri-Tard

    text could be better. nice bg tho

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